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Tyson Fury sends “unpleasant” messages to Anthony Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn

Tyson Fury during fight vs Deontay Wilder

Image source: John W. McDonough /Sports Illustrated/Getty Images

Eddie Hearn has revealed Tyson Fury is regularly sending him “unpleasant” messages. Fury and Anthony Joshua are set to face each other this summer, but they are still waiting on confirmation. The fight is expected to go ahead on August 14 out in Saudi Arabia.

Fury have been ramping up the mind games on social media. The former posted on Twitter this week: “‘Spartan.’ I’m tired. My fans are tired. Your fans are tired. We’re all tired of the talk. Less talk. More action! @Tyson_Fury.”

Fury then hit back by saying: “Are you ready for a war? Working hard to give the fans a big KO!”

Hearn believes the pair have also been exchanging unsavoury DMs ahead of the fight, as the Matchroom chief has even received some from Fury himself.

“AJ has got the bit between his teeth, goading him a bit,” he told Sky Sports. “I’m sure these two DM each other, goading each other. I get DMs from Fury – sometimes pleasant, sometimes unpleasant!

“When the announcement comes and the press conferences start, the pleasantries will go away and it will become personal. It doesn’t matter who respects who. Both sides are desperate to win because this is everything. There are no fun and games. It’s ‘them and us’. AJ will go to war with Fury. He has plans to absolutely demolish him. That’s what I believe he will do. In the meantime we will go through the build-up, which will be a lot of fun, before the biggest event of 2021.”

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