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Tyson Fury rips into Deontay Wilder with mega list of excuses with pic of caved-in skull

Tyson Fury seen at the ITV Studios

Image source: HGL/GC Images/Getty Images

Tyson Fury mocked Deontay Wilder over rematch excuses with a trilogy fight back on. The WBC champion was set to finally meet Anthony Joshua in the ring, with a date set for 14 August. Instead, a court ruling has ordered the Gypsy King to face Wilder before 15 September to fulfil the terms of the rematch contract.

Now, Fury has risked the ire of Wilder by posting a picture of the 35-year-old on Twitter, alongside several excuses that range from legitimate to absurd.

Wilder claimed that Fury put “egg weights in his gloves” and his own “disloyal trainer” threw in the towel too early However, the dafter theories include assertions that Wilder “had an autopsy” and “was a zombie”.

The picture also depicted Wilder with a distorted skull, possibly referring to the Gypsy King’s claims that he will “crack Deontay Wilder’s skull.”

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