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Tyson Fury makes shocking statement amid Deontay Wilder rematch

Tyson Fury has spoken out on his upcoming plans of 2019.

Fury, who recently fought Deontay Wilder, wants a rematch against American boxer and says the location doesn’t matter. However, Fury said he wants a fight before his fans in Britain.

He told BT Sports (via Mirror): “Hopefully I get a fight with Deontay Wilder in America or England; I’m not bothered where it is,”

“If it’s in Australia or Antarctica it wouldn’t be a problem to me; wherever the fight is, we’ll go.

“But I’d like a homecoming fight in April, maybe in Manchester or elsewhere in the UK, and then I’d like to fight Wilder again.

“But if not the homecoming fight then just Wilder, but if not Wilder then just the homecoming fight.

“Whether it happens or not it’s down to them. If they want the fight, they want it; if they don’t, no problem to me.

“They need to redeem themselves, not me. I’ve done everything I should have done, I don’t need to redeem myself or a second chance at glory.

“I’m the lineal heavyweight champion of the world, I don’t need an alphabet title.

“Hopefully there are plenty of exciting nights left in me, I’m still young at 30. I just hope everyone does the right thing and fights each other because if they don’t it’s pretty pointless being involved in the heavyweight division.

“Why don’t we just retire if we’re going to fight nobodies?” he added.

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