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Tyson Fury FAKED an injury during the Wilder preparation: Here is WHY

Tyson Fury faked an injury during the preparation for the Deontay Wilder fight as he wanted to find his team member that leaks the information. 

British heavyweight took the preparation seriously, as he split with Ben Davison and started working with Sugar Hill Steward. Media did not have much access to the camp. 

And now it has been revealed by Fury’s cousin and trainer, Andy Lee, that The Gypsy King was so suspicious that he was sometimes playing games in order to find the mole who leaks the information. 

“There was a couple days where Tyson messed around to see if leaks would happen,” Lee told Boxing Social (via Daily Mail)

“He feigned injury or pretended to limp after a sparring session just to see what would happen.

“That’s the type of level of deviousness you’re dealing with, with him. Inside his own training camp he’ll put on a show and play act to see if anyone talks outside the camp.”

Fury knocked out Deontay Wilder to regain the WBC belt. 

He will meet the Bronze Bomber in July, as former champion has activated the third match option. 

Image – Joe Maher/Getty Images

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