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Tyrone Mings moment proves what’s so wrong at Aston Villa after suffering Arsenal loss

Tyrone Mings moment proves what's so wrong at Aston Villa after suffering Arsenal loss

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Aston Villa captured a huge 3-1 defeat against Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium.

It was 14 shots to zero in the first half last night as Aston Villa showed their worst performance of the season.

The reason for the loss was, according to Dean Smith, his players failing to get things right in the first 45 minutes.

“They didn’t let me down. They let themselves down. I didn’t expect that. That was the XI who were 2-0 up against Wolves…”

That was Smith’s reply when asked by BirminghamLive if he felt his players let him down in north London.

“It’s not about systems,” Smith then added, referring to his 3-5-2 formation.


“We haven’t had players available. We came away from Old Trafford three games ago and everyone’s thinking it’s a great system to play. We lose a few games and everyone thinks it’s a terrible system. That’s the world I’m in.”


During that first-half Tyrone Mings, who just knew things weren’t right continued shaking his head even when Villa were in possession.

Arsenal formed attack after attack, with Mings helpless at attempting to stop them.


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Premier League: Arsenal 3-1 Aston Villa