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Two crazy stats that will highlight Stephen Curry’s incredible season

Two crazy stats that will highlight Stephen Curry's incredible season

Image source: Getty Images

Stephen Curry undoubtedly had an amazing season at the Golden State Warriors, even though they couldn’t reach to the NBA Playoffs.

The Warriors superstar was absolutely brilliant this season on step-back 3-pointers, knocking down 47.2 percent, according to ESPN’s Kirk Goldsberry.

Among shooters who took at least 100 step-back 3-point attempts, Curry was the only player to eclipse the 40 percent mark, with Zach LaVine and Jamal Murray coming in tied for second at 36.9 percent. James Harden (36.8) and Damian Lillard (36.0) round out the top 10.

However, Curry is also amazing from long distance.

According to Goldsberry, of the 19 shooters who took at least 100 triples from beyond 27 feet, only Curry hit on more than 40 percent, knocking down 41.1 percent of his attempts from way downtown.

Source – Yahoo! Sports

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