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Two American basketball players stabbed in Braila

Two basketball players, Darrel Bowie and Joseph McClain, playing with a basketball team in Braila, were stabbed on the night of Saturday to Sunday.

Darrel Bowie is seriously injured and has been transported to the Floreasca Emergency Hospital.

According to some information, the colleagues of the two basketball players witnessed the scene.

“At about 2.00h, two American citizens had a spontaneous conflict with other persons, on a terrace of a pub, the groups hit each other and in the end, the American Citizens were stabbed,” Braila County Police spokesperson, Geanina Niculae, said.

Reports read that both players underwent surgery, but Bowie is in a serious condition, with a perforated lung.

“The patients are 24 and 26 years old, victims of an aggression,” the Braila County Hospital spokesperson, Alina Neacsu, said.

McClain claims it was a racist attack.

“They’ve been arguing with us because I’m black. They had no argument, I did not say anything, we were there, and we were trying to feel good,” said the American basketball player for Antena 3 TV. He denied that the whole conflict started due to a woman who allegedly was the girlfriend of one of the interlopers. “No one had any business with her,” McClain added.