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“This is a tough…”. Paul Merson states his prediction for West Ham vs Manchester City

Man City vs West Ham

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Manchester City will face West Ham in the Premier League opener on Sunday, August 7.

Ahead of the game, Paul Merson has stated his prediction on Sportskeeda.

This is a tough Premier League game for both teams. Manchester City employ a strong press, and this game could work out well for West Ham United with the way they play on the counter.


It’s too early to say anything about Erling Haaland. He’s not a 27-year-old coming into the big boys’ league. He’s still a young kid who’s done well everywhere he’s been.


West Ham are going to have 11 men behind the ball, and I’m not sure where Haaland’s power and pace will fit in there. When was the last time somebody scored a 1v1 for City? It’s very rare. I think he’s going to score a lot of Premier League goals because he plays for City, but they’ll be different to the goals he’s scored for Borussia Dortmund and Norway.


I like Julian Alvarez as well, he’s a different kind of player. The only problem is ‘when’ is he going to play? City do play a lot of football matches, and he’ll need to take his chances.


I think Manchester City are slightly weaker than they were last season. Between Jesus and Sterling, you knew you were getting at least 25 goals every season. With Haaland and Alvarez, who knows? They could have 30 Premier League goals before Christmas, but they’ll need to prove their mettle.


I remember this game in the Premier League last year. Man City had all of the ball, and West Ham pulled off counter after counter. I think this game will end in a draw, and I say that only because I can see how this game’s going to pan out.

Paul Merson’s Prediction: West Ham United 1-1 Manchester City

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