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Tottenham, Wolves, Everton: What Football Clubs Hollywood Stars Support, Pt. 1

Tottenham, Wolves, Everton: What Football Clubs Hollywood Stars Support

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Football is arguably the biggest sport in the world. In fact, football is so widespread, that even in Hollywood, you can find football fans, despite having NBA or NFL, which are more famous there in the States.

So here are top 10 football(soccer) fans, who support European football far from Hollywood.

Adele, Tottenham

Adele Instagram

Adele is one of music’s finest stars. The Grammy winning singer is happen to be a huge supporter of Tottenham.

During her concert at the London’s O2 Arena, Adele showed his support to his favourite club, and even when Spurs made it into the Champions League finals back in 2019, she posted a photo of the squad celebration on Instagram, as she seemed incredible shocked.


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Daniel Craig, Liverpool

Liverpool FC

The well-known Agent 007, aka, Daniel Craig is happen to be a big Liverpool fan. He not once attended the games of the Merseyside club.

Head coach Jurgen Klopp met the famous James Bond and was quite shocked as he told Sky Germany:

“Daniel Craig, who plays James Bond, wanted to meet me after a game in the boot room. 

“Famous people are also normal people.

“He is a good guy and it’s nice when James Bond wants to meet you.”


Keira Knightley, West Ham United

The Place

Keira Knightly has not once expressed his love for West Ham United. During an interview with Seth Meyers, the British actress said:

“I should just say we are not the sort of team who win very often. I’m really glad you picked West Ham.

“They’re having an amazing time this season though. I’m almost watching with my hands over my eyes because I fear it’s not going to last, but maybe it will last?!”

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