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Alla Zakarian

31-10-2019 | 19:17 Formula 1

Toto Wolff: “Wins sweeter after qualifying “slaps”

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff says his team’s recent victories in Formula 1 feels like a “great reward” given the “occasional slaps” it is receiving from Ferrari in qualifying. Ferrari started from pole position in every race since the summer break, however, Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas have still managed to win the last three Grand Prix between them. “On raw pace they [Ferrari] have the quickest package at the moment. But Sundays don’t seem to come together for them,” said Wolff. “We like it. We are hungry to continue as we’ve done. Maybe getting these occasional slaps in qualifying helps to improve.” Asked by Motorsport.com if those “slaps” made the wins extra satisfying for Mercedes, Wolff replied: “Yeah, I think it is great reward for the team to still be able to put together a team and performance that put us in position that we’re able to win the races on Sunday when it matters. But it still doesn’t feel great when you know you’re not able to qualify in front.”

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