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Toto Wolff responds to Red Bull’s accusations

Mercedes Team boss Toto Wolff

Image source: Getty Images

Mercedes dominated Spain again last weekend. Lewis Hamilton was by far the fastest of the whole field. The speed of Mercedes can perhaps be explained by the DAS system, something Red Bull Racing protested against earlier.

Red Bull didn’t just disagree with the DAS system. Team boss Christian Horner also felt that Mercedes should be punished in the case of Racing Point: “If a team is guilty of copying designs, then the team from which the design is copied is also in violation.

However, Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff isn’t aware of any harm and doesn’t think Horner’s statement is correct.

“That argument is total nonsense. If a team had used more than some photos, we would have noticed that”.

Despite the many accusations, Wolff understands the protests against Racing Point: “There are always situations like this, a little pushing and pulling must be possible.”

Source: GPFans

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