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Toto Wolff praises Lewis Hamilton’s perfect attitude

Toto Wolff has praised Lewis Hamilton and has compared him to legend Michael Schumacher.

“Lewis, in my opinion, along with Michael, are the best we have ever seen,” Wolff told The National.

“We’re only going to realise when he retires one day. We tend to never acknowledge somebody’s great performance while it happens.

“We are always full of the types of people who retire or die. But they are never saying ‘This guy is really unbelievable, we’re alive to witness an exceptional performer’. I think we should recognise that while we are still racing.”

“The way he has developed as a human is exceptional,” he said.”He’s become a strong pillar of winning with the team, which is rather unusual for a driver; your driver is more complaining about the team than praising, and he praises.

“We have an environment of brutal honesty with each other. So, if things go wrong, we go into the meeting and we say: ‘That was wrong, that was wrong, and that was wrong’. That has allowed us to perform better, and he has a perfect attitude.”

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