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Toto Wolff lifts lid on “massive challenge” Mercedes must deal with

Toto Wolff with Lewis Hamilton

Image source: Getty Images

Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff’s Mercedes team will defend their driver’ and constructors’ titles over the course of the 2020 F1 season.

F1 chiefs will enforce new regulations next year aimed at making the sport more competitive and to reduce the spending gulf between the leading teams ad their rivals.

Mercedes boss Wolff is looking forward to the 2020 season getting underway and he admits the task can be made easier if Mercedes perform well this time around.

“It’s finally time go racing again and we’re looking forward to the new season,” Wolff said. “The team has worked very hard to build a new car and we’re excited to see what it can do when it’s driven in anger.

“We managed to get through most of our programme as planned at the winter tests; however, we faced some reliability issues that we needed to resolve. We’re glad that we encountered these issues in testing rather than at a race weekend as we could work on fixing them without any penalties.

“The new season will be exciting to watch both on-track and away from it as everything we do this year will have a knock-on effect for our competitiveness in the future. We face the challenge of the biggest technical changes our sport has ever seen combined with a budget cap, so the work that we do this year will determine the start to 2021.

“This makes the 2020 season a massive challenge – a challenge that everyone in Brixworth and Brackley is looking forward to.”

Source: Express

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