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Toto Wolff credits Valtteri Bottas for Lewis Hamilton win

Image source: Getty Images

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff understands Ferrar’s problem and credits Valtteri Bottas for Lewis Hamilton’s Russian Grand Prix win.

Ferrari struggled to keep control of Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc, the Prancing Horse were in control of the race when they informed Leclerc to let Vettel past to keep Hamilton behind them.

I haven’t seen the whole thing, I have the transcript which I read and it shows you that it’s not trivial at all to have two drivers who want to win,” Wolff said. “As a team, we have been through his situation and it’s certainly not easy.”

Wolff feels second-placed Bottas deserve a large amount of credit for keeping Leclerc away from the leader.

“It’s the second time Valtteri has done it here with Sebastian, and he was a big part of us winning if Charles had gone through our win would be at risk,” said the Mercedes principal. “That’s why we love racing: you can win when you haven’t got the quickest package.

“It makes it so special it’s unbelievable. You start to doubt and you know where you have deficits and you cling on to the few hopes like a late safety car and then it happens. We’re overwhelmed and it’s a big step towards the Championship. We have a big job at our hands, we need to sort out our pace in qualifying and our tyres in order to be quicker in the races.”

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