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TOP 7 Sports Related TV Shows To Watch On Friday Evenings

manchester City 2017-18

Image source: Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Sporting events are one of the best ways to spend your nights, especially when your favorite team is playing and winning. However, there are some days when there are no sporting events at all. Especially last year, when the coronavirus pandemic began, most of the sporting events were canceled and fans were left waiting. During the pandemic, Netflix premiered TV Series about Michael Jordan. The documentary is called “The Last Dance” and it has just one season but during the pandemic, it gave fans a great opportunity to watch the show and enjoy Jordan’s era. “The Last Dance” is not the only sports-related TV Show as there are other shows which are about different types of sports.

Here is a list of TV Shows about different types of sports for your consideration.



All or Nothing: Manchester City

The All or Nothing TV Show is about Manchester City’s 2017-18 season during which they won the Premier League with a record of 100points as well as EFL Cup and broke series of Premier League records. The series has one season and 8 episodes. It was produced by Amazon Original.


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Formula 1: Drive to Survive

The Formula One series is produced in collaboration between Netflix and Formula One which gives an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the drivers of the 2018 and 2019 Formula One World Championships. It has 2 seasons and the 3rd season will premiere on March 19, 2021. In both season the champions was Lewis Hamilton. in 2018, Sebastian Vettel was the runner-up, meanwhile Kimi Räikkönen finished the season in third place. While in 2019, Valtteri Bottas was the runner-up and Max Verstappen finished in the third spot.


Image source – SportRush



The Last Dance

The Last Dance premiered was co-produced by ESPN Films and Netflix. The series revolves around the career of Michael Jordan, mostly his time at the Chicago Bulls. Jordan played for Chicago from 1984 to 1993 and return in 1995 as he played until 1998. Then he moved to Washington Wizards, where he played from 2001 to 2003. The miniseries has a one season and 10 episodes.


Image source – ESPN



All or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspur

The Amazon Documentaries about Tottenham revolves around the 2019-20 season as it begins with the sacking of Mauricio Pochettino as a manager who was later replaced by Jose Mourinho. During that season, the Spurs finished 6th in the league table. They were knocked out of the Champions League round of 16 as they lost to RB Leipzig.

The tv series has 1 season and 9 episodes with a running time of 45 to 59 minutes.


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Take Us Home: Leeds United

The tv series about Leeds United’s journey from Championship to a promotion to the Premier League was also produced by Amazon. The show has 2 seasons as the first season is about the Championship 2018-19 season when Leeds finished 3rd and missed out on the chance of a promotion to the Premier League. Meanwhile, the second season is about the 2019/20 campaign, when Leeds finished 1st in the Championship and earned a promotion.

Currently, Leeds are 10th in the league table with 35 points.


Image source – Amazon


All or Nothing: Juventus

Another series from Amazon Prime All or Nothing. The tv series is about Juvnetus’ 2020/2021 season when they finished 4th in the Serie A and were knocked out of the UEFA Champions League round of 16. It has 8 episodes and the duration is 40 mins.

Image source: Amazon



FC Bayern: Behind the Legend

This documentary is also produced by Amazon Prime. It tells about Bayern Munich’s history and it includes interviews of old players and coaches. The tv series has six episodes and the durations runs 45 minutes.


Image source: FC Bayern Munich


There will be another TV Series from the Amazon All or Nothing. It will be about Arsenal’s 2021/22 season. The series will be released next year and it will be called All or Nothing: Arsenal.

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