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TOP 10 World Cup Kits

With less than 14 days to go before the start of the summer’s big event, take a look at TOP 10 home kits that have been showcased so far.

  1. Mexico

Mexico take their inspiration from the early 1990s, and stays true to their traditional green shirt.

The detail to the neck reads “Soy Mexico”, which completes the visual commitment to the country, translating as “I am Mexico”.

  1. Portugal

After claiming their first continental title in France two years ago, Portugal travel to Russia this summer as kings of Europe.

  1. Brazil

Brazil have worn yellow shirts at every World Cup since 1954. They will wear a shade of yellow akin to that seen at Mexico “70 after Nike designers took to the Football Museum in Sao Paulo to sample the kit made famous by the likes of Pele, Carlos Alberto and Jarzinho.

  1. Colombia

The best of the Adidas kits-and almost the best of all the blooming kits-is this effort from Colombia.

  1. England

The collar looks nice, and the more simplistic design fits in well with the placement of the number.

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