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Top 10 Player–Rivals in Football

John Terry Wayne Bridge

Zlatan Ibrahimovic – Rafael van der Vaart
Rivals since 2004

The Swede had problems with many players throughout his career; however, his strongest rivalry is with the Dutchman. Initially, both of them played for Ajax and disliked each other from those times. Rafael considered Zlatan arrogant and narcissistic. During Holland – Sweden match, Zlatan seriously injured van der Vaart. The Dutchman does not keep silent and says that Zlatan has long dreamed of hurting him. Zlatan gets mad and says that he will cut his both legs at the next meeting. Ajax further sees these footballers are unable to play together in one team, and Ibra moves to Juventus.

Rafael still loves to have fun by hitting Ibra’s photo with golf balls.

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