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Top 10 Most Liked Football Posts on Instagram

Top 10 Instagram Most Liked Football Posts

Image source: Getty Images

Football is one of the most favorite sports in the world, while the footballers are the creators of its incredible story and inspiration for fans.

And footballers, just like anyone else, love to use social media with the help of which they connect with their fans by sharing photos from their everyday life. Some footballers don’t use their social media accounts that much, however, there are some who upload pictures almost every day.

One of the most used social media pages among people is Instagram. One of the most followed pages on Insta from footballers are Lionel Messi’s and Cristiano Ronaldo’s accounts. Ronaldo currently has 373m followers, while Messi has 286m.

So let’s see, who has the most-liked Instagram photos of the footballing world? We decided to make a top 10 of most liked posts of footballers on Insta. The list is as follows:

What football post on Instagram has the most likes 2021?


PSG’s Lionel Messi announcement video post

Paris Saint-Germain announced Messi’s signing with a which had several hints in it as it didn’t mention Messi’s name nor had his picture in it. The video now has 26m views and 7m likes.

Screenshot: PSG IG



Manchester United – Cristiano Ronaldo announcement

Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo announcement post has collected 13m likes. Ronaldo returned to United during the summer and shocked the world with the transfer. His transfer wasn’t the only shocking event that happened in the summer as Lionel Messi also changed his club as he joined PSG.

Screenshot: Manchester United IG



Lionel Messi – a post in memory of Diego Maradona

Last year, on November 25, the footballing world lost one of its legendary players as Argentina star Diego Armando Maradona passed away. Messi took to Instagram and made a post about the legendary footballer. The post reached 16m likes.

Screenshot: LeoMessi IG


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