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TOP 10 hottest single football players you’d happily let your daughter marry

Liverpool and England star Trent Alexander-Arnold

Image source: Instagram: Trent Alexander Arnold

Football players are always the most wanted grooms in the world. They are healthy, athletic, handsome, travelling all over the world and, of course, are wealthy. No wonder that they are having several girlfriends during a single calendar year, or they are getting married at young ages. 


But luckily for many of you, there are still some players who didn’t find their second parts just yet and are currently single. So here are the top 10 hottest single football players you’d happily let your daughter marry. 

Trent Alexander-Arnold – Liverpool FC


Liverpool centre-back is among the hottest single football players in the world. He is 22 years old, his height is 1.75m. His net worth is  £2.7 Million, moreover, he earns  £50-000 a week. The Reds star is clever, loves dogs and video games.


Liverpool and England national team star Trent Alexander Arnold


Eric Garcia -Manchester City


Manchester City star wants to leave his club. He is single but is permanently liking the pictures of his boss Pep Guardiola’s daughter. He is 20-year-old, his height is 1.82 m, net worth 2.7 Million Pound. Garcia earns £14,000 per week. The Spaniard is a family guy and it’s can be seen in his Instagram account.

Manchester City star Eric Garcia


Neymar- Paris Saint Germain


Neymar has always been a talking point for off-the-pitch topics. He has a boy, who is already a grown-up man. He had several famous girlfriends and Bruna Marquezine is just one of them (the latest one). However, the Brazilian star is currently single and his one and only love is his sister, Rafaela.  Just in case if you are wondering, the 27-year-old earns €700,000 a week.

PSG and Brazil national team star Neymar

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