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TOP 10 Hottest Football Players in the 2019/20 Champions League

Image source: Getty Images

​Following one of the most entertaining Champions League campaigns of all time last season, the current season of the competition shows no signs of letting up after another round of sparkling matches.

However, not only goals and dazzling games are the reason that fans watching the competition from all over the world.

Moreover, it does not even matter you are male or female.

Many people assume that girls watching football for hot players.  It is not a total myth but it is understandable because girls love details and there are some players who are too hot.

Here you can find the top 10 hottest football players of 2019/20 Champions League campaign in no specific order.


Real Madrid star Francisco Roman Alarcon Suarez has two sons from different girls. His first son Isco Jr born on August 2014 with his ex-girlfriend Victoria Calderon. However, the Spanish player is currently in a relationship with Sara Salamo and they have a son-Theo.

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