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Top 10 hottest Brazilian female fitness models of 2021

Top 10 hottest Brazilian female fitness models of 2021

Image source: IG: anchieta / IG: viviwinkler

To be a fitness model means to have a perfect body. To be a Brazilian woman means to have a fire-soul. And when these two are combined in one person, we get introduced with unbelievably beautiful and the hottest fitness models. They attract people with not only their form but also their charisma and energy.

Some of these fitness models reached their goals after both physical and spiritual fights. They come to motivate thousands of women all over the world to be strong, ambitious and never give up.

Last time we shared the list of the hottest fitness models 2020, while this time let’s take a look at the top 10 hottest female fitness models from Brazil in 2021.


Bruna Barreto

Bruna Barreto shares with the world her strict diet and 5-day workout regime that will keep you fit and beautiful. She has discovered the best combination of diet and exercise to achieve great results. Bruna’s lifestyle motivates a number of followers on social media.


Bruna Rangel Lima

Bruna Rangel Lima, a Fitness Model and Bikini entrepreneur. She motivates thousands with her photos and videos she posts on social media. Bruna also has her own bikini line.

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