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TOP 10 Hardest Tottenham Players

Neil Ruddock playing for Tottenham

Image source: Getty Images

Tottenham have been considered as a soft touch down the years however those opinions gradually changed during Mauricio Pochettino’s time at North London.

The most infamous occasion took place back in 2016 when nine players were booked following a series of feisty tackles, stamps and an eye gouge against Chelsea during “Battle of Stamford Bridge”.

And here is the list of top ten hardest Spurs players.

10. Mousa Dembele

Mousa Dembele playing against Chelsea in 2016
Getty Images

Dembele had his contribution to the Battle of Bridge, as just before half-time, he shoved his finger into Diego Costa’s eye following a brief confrontation, earning himself a subsequent six-game ban from the FA.

The Belgian was a monstrous player, who combined such physicality with balletic dribbling ability and a silky touch, that only made him a favourite to the Spurs faithful.

9. Eric Dier

Eric Dier playing for Tottenham
Getty Images

Dier is another participant of the Battle of the Bridge, as he left the West London with a yellow card and even injured himself launching into Cesc Fabregas.

And one of the recent occasions, when Spurs fans were confronted by Dier in the stands at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium following Spurs’ penalty shootout defeat to Norwich.

8. Gary Mabbutt

Gary Mabbutt playing for Spurs
Getty Images

Mabbutt, who was Spurs long-time skipper, is loved by the Spurs fans. He was a tough defender, typical of those produced in England in the 1980s, and he left nothing out on the pitch during his time with Spurs.

Mabbutt once sustained a fractured cheekbone and eye socket in a challenge with Wimbledon’s notoriously physical striker John Fashanu, but was back playing three months later with a protective mask on his face.

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