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Top-10 funniest tweets from world football

The social media is a hilarious platform… To be more precise, the social media’s combination with strange people makes it a hilarious platform. World football is made of strange people, so the sector of Tweeter which is managed by the football players, clubs and journalists has given some unbelievably funny output any football fan should see. Below we present top-10 funniest tweets anyhow connected to the world football.

  1. Dean Windass and his unbelievable social media skills

Dead Windass is a former professional striker who has played in various English football teams. They say changing the club changes your identity. This fact explains why the player was talking to himself on Tweeter! Those were two different Deans!

windass hilarious tweet

  1. Wayne Rooney and another example of not being in a good relationship with your alternate self

Wayne Rooney has many weird tweets. I mean he is bad at hashtagging, some of his tweets absolutely don’t make sense, others are just a list of the same word… Anyway, this one is still outstanding among his already not so mainstream tweets. He gets into an argument with himself and threatens himself. Enjoy!

rooney funny tweet

  1. David Gold and his obvious vision problems

West Ham Chairman David Gold initiated transfers of two unbelievable players back in 2015: Pedro Obiang is a Spanish midfielder who moved from Sampdoria, Angelo Ogbonna is a centre-back who is playing for Italia national team and moved to West Ham from Juventus… Now, dear readers, please, pay attention to David Gold’s caption and the Italian national team logo on Ogbonna’s jersey!

david gols funny tweet

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