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TOP 10 Biggest Sporting Events in 2022

TOP 10 biggest sporting events in 2022

Image source: Olympics


6. Indianapolis 500

  • May 29
  • Auto Racing
  • Indianapolis, USA


Image Source: Indianapolis Motors Speedway


2022 is expected to be a good year for auto racing fans!

Over a century of history, celebration and nostalgia come together for a homecoming celebration like you’ve never seen before.

From the Field of 33 racing for glory to the infield party and making great memories that will last for a lifetime.

The 106th Running of the Indianapolis 500 presented by Gainbridge willbe opened on Sunday, May 29!


7. NBA Finals

  • June 2-19
  • Basketball
  • USA/Canada


Image Source: NBA


One thing about Americans is the way they love basketball so passionately.

However, NBA is watched not only by Americans but by almost every sport lover from all over the world.

Every season of the NBA has a winner and the method of deciding the winner is rather interesting.

The winners meet in the best of 3 division NBA finals. After these matches, the team with the best record for the season qualifies for the final of the NBA season.

The other top two teams still compete for the second team in the finals in this best of 3 semifinals match.

After the semifinals, the final is played in June and then the winner of the NBA season is decided.


8. Wimbledon

  • Jun 27 – Jul 10
  • Tennis
  • London/England


Image Source: Facebook


Tennis lovers will have their calendars fully packed as some of the most major tournaments are about to be opened.

Excitingly, Wilmbledon organizers have now confirmed that there will be a full schedule on the Middle Sunday in 2022.

Previously, it has been kept blank and used only in exceptional circumstances, with the second Monday of the tournament packed with all men’s and women’s fourth-round matches, known affectionately as ‘Manic Monday’.

However, it will be put full order of play for every day of 2022, awhich will allow much more audience to attend!


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