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Toby Alderweireld suggests some Tottenham players haven’t been doing their job

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Tottenham centre-back Toby Alderweireld has admitted that the players haven’t had time to prepare due to the busy fixture list.

Alderweireld, who has started every single game under Jose Mourinho, has given an interview to Evening Standard and has talked about the team and busy schedule:

“The amount of games is unbelievable, so there is no time to work,” he said.

“But when there is a little bit of time, we try to — and then you see some things coming back.”

He also added on the new defensive process:

“We have to be tactical. People think about the defensive process. It’s not only the goalkeeper, the centre-backs or the full-backs. It’s a team process. So, it starts with the goalkeeper, it works as a team. Sometimes we want to press and not everyone is doing their job — and then the pressure comes on the defence. We didn’t press all the time on Saturday. Sometimes we played compact, but there was a high line, so I think we did well there.”

Source- Spurs Web

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