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Thomas Muller sends warning to Manchester City ahead over Champions League title

Thomas Muller sends warning to Manchester City ahead over Champions League title

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Bayern Munich’s Thomas Muller doesn’t think that Premier League teams are ‘super, super strong’ despite labelling England’s top flight as the ‘biggest league’ in world football.

Three of the Premier League clubs: Liverpool, Manchester City and Chelsea, are still fighting for the Champions League title alongside sextuple winners Bayern Munich.

City already got a win in their first leg game against Borussia Dortmund, while Liverpool suffered a 3-1 loss to Real Madrid.

On Wednesday Chelsea will face Porto, while Bayern set to play against PSG.

Ahead of their Champions League clash Muller told The Independent.

“I do not feel that teams of the Premier League are super, super strong. But, of course, the competition is great. There are prestigious games each week.

“I think it’s the biggest league in the world, for sure. But that doesn’t mean that the top five of the Premier League are winning everything in their international competitions, or when you compare the fourth of the Premier League and the fourth of the German league.

“When they play a knockout game against each other, any team can win.”

On City’s chances of going all the way this season, Muller added: “A team with Pep Guardiola is always in shape to win it.

“But the problem is in the Champions League, in the knockout stage, you have only two games and many crazy things can happen. And last year in the tournament, there was only one game against Lyon. Maybe if there were two games they go to the next round, maybe.

“That’s the problem when you have only one chance or only two games, there is more “random” than in 38 games like in the Premier League.

“In the last two years, Liverpool was amazing. But normally a good team with Pep Guardiola wins the league, for sure. The continuation, how he prepares his teams. His team against smaller teams, he is the best. But when two top teams play against each other, the difference is not big enough to put away the “random”.”

Source- Metro

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