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The two Adidas kits that made Celtic fans excited

Image source: Getty images

Celtic have recently been rumoured to switch to Adidas for their kit design, and as per The Sun, five-year partnership with New Balance is coming to an end.

However, many fans seem unhappy that the current contract is about to expire with the third kit of pink and grey without doubt the low point of the New Balance years.

Alongside Nike, Adidas is the premium brand in the world of sportswear with generations of supporters looking on enviously at the kits they have designed for others.

Rumours about the look that Adidas will come up with has generally brought positive feedback but the unique design of the Celtic shirt presents new challenges to blend three stripes with iconic hoops.

Celtic haven’t confirmed anything yet but if it’s not Adidas supplying Hoops next season Celtic fans are bound to be very disappointed.


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