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The reason why Trent Alexander-Arnold wears No.66

Liverpool defender Trent-Alexander-Arnold celebrates goal in the Premier League

Image source: ESPN

Trent Alexander-Arnold has been a key player for Jurgen Klopp’s side. The young defender has made overall 40 appearances during this season in which he has scored 2 goals and provided 14 assists.

The defender’s playing style is not the only thing that has caught the eyes of many. There is also the number at the back of his shirt that has been a surprise to many.

Alexander-Arnold wears No.66 and the reason behind it has been revealed by Lee Radcliffe, the club’s kit management coordinator.

“When we get any young lads that come down from the Academy, we always deliberately try to give them a high-ish number,” Radcliffe told

“We don’t like to give them a low number in case they sort of think they’ve made it straight away, if you know what I mean.

“You pick it out because it’s a free number and it’s around that sort of number you think, ‘We’ll give that out because he’s only just come down’.

“When you see him now lifting trophies and celebrating with No.66 on the back, it’s a weird feeling and I can’t really describe it. It’s weird to see such a high number and for someone to be happy with it!

“Someone like Trent has just been happy to be around the first team and obviously doesn’t realise how good he is. He doesn’t really ask for anything, to be honest.

“I think he’s that laidback that he’s obviously been given the number and thought, ‘Yeah, that’ll do me. I’ll keep that’, and not realised how iconic it’s become over the years.”

Image source – Liverpool Echo

Radcliffe continues: “Generally what you get after maybe a year – if they stay in and around the first team – is that request to see if they can move down a number.

“But obviously Trent’s got quite attached to the number. He’s never asked once [to change it].

“But after his first season and when you realised how good he was going to be, we always used to say, ‘Ah, it won’t be long now before we get that changed’.

“We always used to keep his training kit and match shirt until the last minute in case we got that call, ‘Trent wants his number lowering’.

“It’s just never happened and he’s obviously happy with it.

“Now because it’s actually been kept by Trent, I think it’s already quite an iconic number and it’s only going to become more iconic I suppose as the years go by and the more games Trent plays.

“I think it’s a number quite close to a lot of fans’ hearts now, as well as staff, because it’s a local lad that’s come through.

“The amount of kids you see walking around in a ’66’, it’s weird that it’s actually stuck. It was one of them that you give out and expect a year later that it’ll get passed on to someone else.”

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