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Team form rankings of Europe’s top 5 leagues (last 6 games)

Past week was a remarkable one for the football world. A lot of interesting games were played over the weekend, especially the Carabao Cup final.

In the latest team form rankings (last 6 games) by WhoScored, Carabao Cup winners Manchester City are leading the table.

Manchester City has won all their last 6 games. The Citizens have played 2 times against Chelsea and defeated them both times. City has also defeated Schalke (3-2) in the Champions League after making a comeback after the first half as they were down 2-1.

City’s upcoming game is against West Ham on February 27.

PSG, who come second in the rankings, have also won all their last 6 games. They have defeated Manchester United (2-0) in the Champions League. Paris Saint-Germain’s next game is against Dijon in the French Cup on February 26.

Third placed Juventus have not lost any game in the Serie A so far this season and with 69 points are leading the league. Despite being unbeaten in the Serie A, Juventus have lost 2-0 to Atletico Madrid in the Champions League. Upcoming game for the Bianconeri is against Napoli on March 3.

Here is the full list of the team form rankings.

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