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talkSPORT: Jamie Carragher reveals one weakness Manchester City have which Liverpool must capitalize on

Image source: FOX Sports Asia/This Is Anfield

Jamie Carragher has revealed that Liverpool should capitalize on Manchester City injury problems as the Premier League title race continues.

Recently Jurgen Klopp’s side celebrated a 2-1 victory over Leicester City and extended the point gap between them and Man City as the Citizens dropped points by losing 2-0 against Wolves.

In an interview with talkSPORT, Carragher said: “I think what we are seeing with Man City now is they are being affected by injuries now in the same position and that’s a problem for them.

“That’s a problem for anyone even though they have got a better squad than Liverpool and you see how much it is hurting them.

“You may actually think it would hurt Liverpool more if they injuries because, as I said, they don’t quite the squad City have.

“But to be fair, Man City have problems where they are weakest, at centre-back, in terms of numbers and quality.

“But there is no doubt a big injury to a big Liverpool player will severely hamper them. So that’s why I don’t think anyone really at Liverpool is getting too carried away.

“It is a great position to be in, there’s no doubt, and if you didn’t say that you would be a liar. And what Liverpool have to do is capitalise as much.

“And not just not think eight points is a great lead; try and make it 10, make it 12, if possible. Especially while City have problems at the back, like having Laporte out.

“Because there is no doubt that when Laporte is back and City back on their feet, they’re a team capable of doing exactly what Liverpool are doing and going and winning 17, 18 games.”

Currently Liverpool are leading the league table with maximum points, while Manchester City have 16 points and are 2nd.

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