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Karine Grigoryan

27-02-2019 | 20:00 Football

"Suarez looks like a new kid at school." Fans reaction on Denis Suarez during training

Arsenal are preparing to host Bournemouth in the Premier League on February 27. Ahead of the game, Gunners had a training. Denis Suarez, who has yet to make a start for Arsenal, has joined the training. But fans have noticed something unusual.  (via DailyStar) From the picture it feels like Suarez is feeling lonely and uncomfortable  as the team are playing a game of rondo. The players in the circle have to move the ball as quickly as possible to keep it away from two defenders in the middle. Midfielder Matteo Guendouzi gets another round started while Suarez watches. But the Frenchman tricks the defender by moving sideways with the ball. And the whole squad suddenly starts celebrating after a move between Laurent Koscielny and Nacho Montreal, except Denis Suarez. Fans had their say on this as one said: “I don’t think Suarez has many friends." Another one commented: "Why did Suarez look like the new kid at school with no friends yet?” We hope he will adapt to the team as soon as he can and he will get more playing time.

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