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Steve Kerr reveals what he has learned during this season

Steve Kerr during Golden State Warriors game

Image source: Newsweek

Steve Kerr thinks that he has learned how to be a better coach during this season.

Golden State Warriors are currently having a tough time as they have suffered 18 defeats during this season.

The Warriors latest defeat came in the game against Atlanta Hawks as they lost with a 104-79 score.

And Steve Kerr said: “I think I’ve learned how to be a better coach, honestly. I haven’t had to coach a situation like this and it’s a good reminder that every circumstance is different, every year is different.

“The last five years, we’ve been a championship contender, so it meant that I had to manage the team through the season, prepare for the playoffs and try to get guys rest when we could. This is much more about teaching and developing young players.”

source – AP

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