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Steve Kerr reacts live on KNBR to news of last-second Thunder-Jazz postponement

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Golden State Warriors were scheduled to play against Brooklyn Nets on Thursday night at Chase Center behind closed doors.

However the game has been postponed as The NBA has suspended the season after Utah Jazz player Rudy Gobert tested positive for coronavirus.

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr was on KNBR with Tolbert, Krueger and Brooks, when Rod Brooks broke Kerr the news.

Kerr said: “This could be such a major health crisis that ultimately we might look back and go ‘Who cares about the results of the NBA that year. I could be way more serious than that.

“Let’s hope that all these measures we’re taking really lead somewhere productive, and we’re able to keep things in control and in check and people are able to remain healthy and safe and we can get back to our normal lives, but really scary stuff.”

source – KNBR

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