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Steve Kerr had concerns about Steph Curry having coronavirus

Image source: Getty Images

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr was very concerned that Steph Curry’s flu was widely spreading coronavirus.

NBA, including all Warriors’ games, is suspended because of coronavirus outbreak. At least three NBA players have been diagnosed with the virus that has killed thousand people around the globe.

Before the suspension, Steph Curry had missed games just days after returning from his broken hand. He was listed as being out due to an illness. That illness was reported as the flu, but it appears head coach Steve Kerr was worried that Curry may have contracted the coronavirus.

“We all were very concerned that maybe he had the coronavirus,” Kerr told NBC Sports Bay Area during a phone conversation on Saturday.

“And that’s why our team doctors were very, very much on the case.”

Warriors superstar was expected to be back on Thursday against the Brooklyn Nets, a game that never actually took place.

Source- Blue Man Hoop

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