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Stephen Curry’s records that are impossible to break

Stephen Curry during Warriors NBA game

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Stephen Curry is arguably part of that select group of players that marked a before and after in the history of the NBA. The legacy of Golden Warriors’ superstar has left and will leave an indelible mark, for that reason here are some of the great Steph’s unbreakable records.

Curry’s records with triples

The Warriors’ point guard is the player that needed fewer games to reach 1,000 and 2,000 career 3s: 369 and 597, respectively. Curry was also the fastest player to hit 100 3s in a season.

Stephen’s 2015/16 campaign saw him as the player with the most triples (402) in a season, which means he averaged 5.1 shots of three points per game in 79 games played.

Curry’s most unique records

  • 269 games scoring at least four triples and four assists
  • 165 games scoring at least five triples and five assists
  • 77 games scoring at least six triples and six assists
  • 31 games scoring at least seven triples and seven assists
  • 17 games scoring at least eight triples and eight assists
  • Two games scoring at least nine triples and nine assists.

Curry’s Playoff Records

The Warriors’ star hasthe most triples scored in the Playoffs with the 470 he scored in the Postseason of the 2019/20 campaign. In the Finals, Curry also made his mark and became the first player to hit 100 triples in this instance of the NBA.

Stephen is also the basketball player with the most triples in a single series of finals by scoring 28 during the duels against Cleveland Cavaliers in 2015/16.

Source- Web24 News

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