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Stephen Curry: “Warriors are in control of their destiny”

After Tuesday’s 116-102 win over Denver Nuggets, Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry has claimed that the Warriors are in control of their destiny.

“We’ve talked about it [being the No. 1 seed], we understand what we need to do,” Curry told reporters. (via SportingNews)

“We’ve had some slip-ups along the way but the narrative for us [is] how we play, what little things we need to focus on [that] will create good habits going into the playoffs.

“And hopefully through that process, down the stretch of the season, we win games and take care of our business. Tonight was a good night to set ourselves up to control our own destiny down the stretch.”

Currently Warriors are first in Western Conference table with 53 wins, while Nuggets are second with 51 wins.

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