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Karine Grigoryan

25-04-2019 | 19:00 Basketball

Stephen Curry has spoken out on the Game 5 loss after breaking another record

Golden State Warriors lost 121-129 against Los Angeles Clippers in the Round 1 Game 5 but are leading the tie with 3-2. Stephen Curry, who reached the 400 3-pointers career landmark, has spoken out on the defeat claiming that the Warriors need to "erase" the Game 45 loss. "Numbers don't lie," Curry said on the subject of how the Warriors had dealt with Williams. "The matter of our intensity or our lack of intensity to start the game kind of came back to bite us. "They had confidence all throughout their rotation early. And they fed off that in the second half. [Williams is] obviously an X-factor for them and the main catalyst in terms of momentum swings because he can get going really quick." "It's one of those nights that we've got to erase from our memory quick," added Curry.

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