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06-02-2021 | 23:11 Basketball

Stephen Curry reveals what Klay Thompson yells at him from bench when he misses a shot

Stephen has revealed what his Golden State Warriors teammate Klay Thompson yells at him everytime he misses a shot. The duo, known as Splash Brothers, clearly have a special relationship, and with Thompson now being sidelined with injury, thier relationship continues off the court as well. And the advice Thompson gives Curry is just priceless, as he yells at his Splash Brother  a "shortbread", everytime he misses a shot. "No, he just yells 'shortbread' every time I miss a shot that hits the front rim," Curry said. "That's a pet peeve of mine as a shooter." "He knows how to rattle me on that one" Curry added with a laugh.   Source- Yahoo! News

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