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Stephen Curry reveals the difference between himself and pro golfers

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Besides playing basketball, Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry plays golf as well.

And the Warriors star has revealed what’s the difference between himself and pro golfers.

“When I played with Jordan [Spieth], the misses are here and mine are here,” Curry said, using his hands to show a difference between the two.

“Even when I played in the old event — the Ellie Mae Classic — I think the biggest difference was…That fourth round I played, when I got out there, it was the third hole, I sprayed two tee shots right and they went out of bounds. At that point, my world just started spinning. I had so many swing thoughts, didn’t know where I was on the course.

“That level of being able to recalibrate pretty quick. I know they play a lot of events and sometimes they just don’t have it, but they can recalibrate like that [snaps] and turn a bad hole into a springboard for an amazing comeback or a great round.

“I did not have that talent. I had to be all dialied in or I was all the way out. Just that level of consistency is something I’m just in awe of.”

“It felt like the NBA Finals, for sure,” Curry added. “The adrenaline rush. So anxious to get out there and play. But I am super confident out there on the court. I am iffy on the golf course.

“It’s just that level of precision you can expect, I didn’t know if I’d have it or not. On the court, I know when I’m dialed in I am tough to deal with. But on the course, it’s that little bit of indecision that I had to work with.” 


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