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Stephen Curry predicted for greatness since he was young, by Vince Carter

Steph Curry holds his two MVP awards

Image source: Getty Images

During his time at the Toronto Raptors, Vince Carter was teammates with Stephen Curry’s father Dell Curry.  Carter said that he always saw the young Curry either on the sidelines or practicing his shot. Back then, Carter already had a hunch that this 11-year-old was destined for greatness.

Carter spoke with TNT’s Ernie Johnson where he recalled his time in Toronto, particularly seeing Curry kids Steph and brother Seth every day. He recalled that the three-time Warriors champion already had a good stroke then—something that Carter believes he inherited from his dad. But apart from this, Carter noted that Curry just put it the work to perfect that stroke.

“Every day he was there. Just on the sideline, with a ball. And I’ll say Seth as well,” Carter said.

“They were both just gym rats. They love the game. You could see the appreciation for the game and the dedication. They were always working on their shot. He had a nice follow through then. It’s like he’s destined to be an NBA player.

“One, being around it and two, just the work they put in on their own. And, of course, dad was a pretty decent shooter himself, so figured something close to that would come out for both his kids.”


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