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Stephen Curry channels his inner Kobe Bryant to explain his own ‘killer instinct’

Stephen Curry channels his inner Kobe Bryant to explain his own ‘killer instinct’

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Stephen Curry was recently asked about his demeanor on the court and how he mentally composes himself for games, as he responded evoking Kobe Bryant.

The Golden State Warriors superstar always brings good vibes and a bright smile on the court while simultaneously hitting backbreaking threes to bury his opponents.

So while responding, Curry pointed to an assessment from Los Angeles Lakers icon as the best take on how he is on the court.

“I’ve always had a this kind of quiet killer instinct,” said the Warriors star viaThe Athletic’s NBA Show with David Aldridge and Marcus Thompson.


“Kobe did an interview one time. It was one of my favorite comments about me in terms of how he saw that killer instinct behind the smile. I can have fun and have just, but I’m out there to rip your heart out. It’s just a different way that it looks.”

The interview he was referring to was with Michael Wilbon back in 2015, where the ever analytical Lakers star broke down what he saw in Stephen Curry.

“I see a calmness about him,” Kobe said about the Warriors guard.


“I think it’s something that a lot of players don’t understand. But there’s a serious calmness about him which is extremely deadly. Because he’s not up, he’s not down. He’s not contemplating what just happened before or worrying about what’s to come next. He’s just there.”

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