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13-06-2019 | 19:11 Basketball

Steph Curry addresses 'stupid' fan behavior, cursing and heckling directed at his family

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Stephen Curry's parents Dell and Sonya Curry as well as his wife received vulgar comments from Raptors' fans. One 28-year-old Toronto man has even been charged last week for his comments about Curry's wife Ayesha during a live television. After all this, the Golden State Warriors point guard dismissed fans who have been going out of their way to heckle his family members, according to USA Today's Josh Peter. "I think in terms of being in the Finals five years in a row and being on this stage, it's hard to avoid those interactions with fans that want to kind of impose their—or make their imprint on the series somehow, in some way, especially with social media these days," said Curry. "I think it's kind of stupid, to be honest, in terms of people camping outside our hotel just to yell expletives at either us or our family members or whatever the case is. "But we handle all that stuff with class and try to ignore it the best we can. And if they get something out of it, so be it. But it doesn't affect us at all in terms of what we're trying to do and how we carry ourselves as a team as players and as people that represent us and our families as well." As a reminder Golden State Warriors will play Game 6 against Toronto Raptors Thursday, June 13 at 9 p.m. ET. The series are tied to 3-2 in favor of Raptors.
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