Simon Jordan slams Gary Neville's 'laughable' criticism of Manchester United's 'appalling' transfers

Simon Jordan has criticised club legend Gary Neville for his "laughable" criticism of Manchester United’s summer transfer window. The Red Devils have completed the signing of Donny van de Beek, while they have a few days before Monday's transfer deadline to land new players amid reported interest in Jadon Sancho and Alex Telles. Eariler today Neville has slammed the club's transfer policy, saying: “It’s appalling that in this market which is probably the easiest in PL history to get transfers done that United haven’t done more yet!” wrote the former Red Devils defender. “They must get Ole a CB, LB and Forward pre-deadline! The others are managing to get things over the line why not United!” But Jordan has reacted to ex-United captain's post, sharing his disagreement. He said on talkSPORT: “I’m reading a tweet from Gary Neville talking about it’s appalling in this transfer market that Manchester United don’t get deals done, that it’s the easiest market place to get deals done. “I think that’s laughable! “It’s not the easiest market place to get deals done at all. It’s incredibly difficult because on one hand you’ve got clubs that want to sell players but retain value, and on the other you’ve got clubs recognising that it’s COVID-19 and trying to lowball people.” “If you are going to buy a player, you don’t go in with your top price,” he added. “If Man United went in and bid €120m [for Sancho], Dortmund would have dollars to doughnuts said it was €150m. “That’s the way the economics of football works. “The flipside of the argument is that every time Man United index themselves to a player of this significance, or look like they are going to do a deal and ramp up the narrative, you see a spike in their share price, because there is a lot more than Man United just buying players. “Manchester United are a worldwide brand floated on the New York Stock Exchange; they are a global player so trying to sign players and keeping them at the forefront of media attention does create energy around other parts of the business. It doesn’t just mean football transfers. “I don’t know how much criticism you can put on Ed Woodward, and I have been incredibly critical of him because I don’t think he gets the dynamics of the football operation. “I think he’s a brilliant accountant, I think he’s a brilliant orchestrator of commercial deals, but the job that is required for Manchester United is the bridging of the gap between the boardroom and the football operation. “But how do you legislate for saying a deal that gets done? This is not a deal! This is Borussia Dortmund saying to Manchester United, ‘you will pay precisely what we say or there is no entertainment, no engagement, no deal’.” When being asked if Borussia Dortmund are right to take such an approach, former Crystal Palace chairman added: “If you talk about the dynamics of people inside football, is this boy, at this stage, worth €120m? Because I think that is a big question to ask.”
Source: talkSPORT
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