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Shannon Sharpe: “Los Angeles Lakers need Lonzo Ball”

The Los Angeles Lakers need Lonzo Ball to consistently recreate the level of performance he produced against the Cleveland Cavaliers because Brandon Ingram is too unreliable, according to Shannon Sharpe.

“I tell you what I did like, I liked Lonzo. Lonzo got aggressive last night. He was driving the ball to the rim. He showed me something. In order for the Lakers to be the team they think they can be, he’s going to have to play like that.  But at some point in time, when is it going to be that Brandon Ingram, you want to play or you don’t.

“He just had these lapses and I don’t really know from night-to-night what I’m gonna get.  It’s so frustrating for the No 2 pick in the draft. I’m sure Magic [Johnson] and [Rob] Pelinka and Luke [Walton] are counting on him on a nightly basis to be their No 2 option.

“I really never know what I’m going to get from him. I might get 22 or 11 – just the effort.  They’re 10-7 now, they should be pleased with that.  50 wins might get you the No 2 seed the way things are shaping up!  We thought the Warriors were going to run away with this conference, now one through eight might be somewhere between 48 and 55 wins.”

The Lakers return to Staples Center tomorrow to take on the Utah Jazz.

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