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Sergio Ramos: I’d advise Pique to go and watch the PSG game again

Ramos Pique

Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos has shared his comments after the UCL quarter-final match vs Bayern Munich.

“It’s still too early to speak about the final, as we have to win the semi-finals first. Of course, we want to win the Champions League again. We are happy for leaving Bayern Munich out of the tournament.

What about Gerard Pique’s reaction, I would rather advise him to go and watch the Barcelona – PSG game again. Possibly he will change his opinion about the referees after that. Let’s just wait and see what happens in Barcelona’s return leg match against Juventus,” Ramos said.

Barcelona will host Juventus today at 20:45 CET. The first leg match between these two clubs ended with the Italian side’s 3-0 victory.