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Sergio Aguero speaks upon his “f*** off” to police officer in protect of Manchester City fan

Image source: The Sun

Sergio Aguero has spoken upon his quarrel with the police officer in support of Manchester City fan at Bournemouth.

The Blues striker was accused of assaulting a steward after Raheem Sterling’s winning goal during the Cherries clash in 2017.

Sterling himself took a red card for celebrating the Citizen’s win with the away fans.

During the wild celebration one of the fans, rushing onto the pitch, was surrounded by four security staff and police. Aguero, joining the celebration squad, found out the City fan in trouble.

In a new book called “Pep’s City” Aguero has spoken upon the incident, saying: “Sometimes the law of the barrio still applies – that same spirit, the same idea of fairness. I saw that they had got hold of one of our fans, four against one, and were practically smothering him. It was outright abuse. The guy couldn’t breathe. Then this cop starts giving me a hard time, so I tell him to f*** off. Nothing more serious than that. It’s the way I grew up and I can’t help reacting like that. Back home there’s a code: if there’s a fight and it’s one on one, you stay out of it, but when it’s one against four … That’s how I grew up and it’s something I still live by.”

The City fan was Bolton student Zack Weir, being charged for entering the play field.  However, no evidence was offered against him, and the student thanked Aguero for his support.


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