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Serge Gnabry gives two-word response on his possible Arsenal return

Serge Gnabry gives two-word response on his possible Arsenal return

Image source: Getty Images

Serge Gnabry has stated that Arsenal would be ‘the favourite’ if he decides to return to the Premier League during his career.

The 25-year-old has established himself as one of the Bundesliga’s finest wingers since joining Bayern Munich from Werder Bremen in 2017. Gnabry left the Gunners for just £4.5 million the previous year after he was described as ‘not at the level’ of the Premier League by Tony Pulis while on loan at West Bromwich Albion.

Speaking to CBS Sports, he said:

“You always hear a little bit about it or people in the UK ask me about it. It looks like it won’t stop, all I can say is I’m proud of the journey I’ve taken.

“To be a Champions League winner now when a couple of years back I was doubted is obviously a great thing for me. Of course after having struggled a lot it was difficult to pick myself up. The biggest thing is that self-confidence, that I knew what I was capable of. I never lost that. Obviously, you doubt it at some points but I never lost it.

“The second biggest point in that way is I was playing a lot, not having so many injuries, so many little things that kept me out of games.To just be consistent and being able to play every time, showing my performance helped me for the future. If I can play I can show what I can do.”

He spoke fondly of Arsenal, stating that they would be ‘the favourite’ choice in England, while admitting that his time in North London helped him to enjoy his six goals last season against the club’s cross-city rivals Tottenham and Chelsea.

“Because of my Arsenal history against Spurs you have a little bit more motivation,” he added.


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