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Serena Williams always had problems in New York: 3 cases (VIDEO)

US Open 2018 final has finished with scandal, when Serena Williams told referee Carlos Ramos a thief for “taking” a game from her.

Naomi Osaka was incredible. 20-year-old youngster has won his first Grand Slam, but everyone were concentrated on Serena’s behavior.

Not surprisingly, this is not the first time that Williams complains after referee decisions.

Here are 3 other cases.

1.US Open 2004, Serena Williams vs Jennifer Capriati

Hawk-Eye system was not established in tennis. Several shots from Serena had not been counted by referee. Because of these mistakes Williams lost the match. After the match, tennis association decided to disqualify the referee until the end of the tournament.

2.US Open 2009, Serena Williams vs Kim Clijsters

4-6, 5-6 (15-30). Serena steps inside the court during her second serve. Linewoman doesn’t count it, Clijsters gets matchball and Serena abuses her. Referee gives the game to Clijsters, Williams gets fined $82.000.

3.US Open 2011, Serena Williams vs Samantha Stosur

Serena shouts after shooting the ball. Referee doesn’t count the ball, which makes Williams go crazy. She then lose the match and again gets fined $2.000.

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