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Sebastian Vettel says Mercedes “more at ease” with 2020 F1

Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel to leave Ferrari

Image source: Getty Images

Sebastian Vettel believes Mercedes looked “more at ease” with its new Formula 1 car through winter testing.

Mercedes ended pre-season testing with the fastest time and more laps completed than any other team.

Asked if he felt worried by what he’d seen from Mercedes, Vettel replied: “It just looks as if Mercedes is more at ease.

Not just for the one lap, which is what people look at, but just in general, also the [long] runs.

“I think we also had some runs that were better, some runs that were worse. It’s a bit hard to tell, with the time of day, track conditions, then I don’t know what people are doing in the background.

“Obviously we tested some stuff that was very good, other stuff that wasn’t good, so it also has an impact on lap times.

“Probably if you look right now, Mercedes is at the top. Every time they go out, they are fairly quick with ease, whereas others I think need to stretch a bit more.” 

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