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Sebastian Vettel: “Lewis Hamilton deserves his F1 success”

Image source: Getty Images

Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel says Lewis Hamilton fully deserves his success in Formula 1.

Reflecting on his season and his chat with Hamilton, Vettel said: “I think now is the time to write as many good things as you can [about Hamilton’s success]. I think if somebody wins the title six times, then he deserves all of it. That is what I told him as well.

“I am happy for him. I am not happy that we are not in contention this year and we are so far back. We need to respect what he achieved the last years, and also this year, plus together with his team how strong they have been. I am happy for him. But less happy for us.”

Hamilton won his sixth world drivers’ title with a second place in the United States Grand Prix.

He is now on the second place on the all-time list of world champions, just one behind Michael Schumacher.

Hamilton is also closing in on a number of records held by the F1 legend, as the Briton is only eight race victories away from matching Schumacher’s incredible record of 91 wins.

Source- Auto Sport

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